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Jofemar Vision Combo

Machine Information

Refrigerated; allows for both snacks & drinks within same compartment. Accepts bills, coins, credit cards (swipe & chip), and Apple Pay.



  • Smart machine with modem, allowing real-time inventory monitoring
  • Accepts bills, coins, credit cards (swipe & chip), and Apple Pay
  • Cooled
  • Capacity for 8 height-adjustable trays with up to 7 channels each.
  • FIFO (First In First Out) System. Continues renewal with the freshest product. Product dispensing according to loading order.
  • LED lighting with on/off programming.
  • Continuous performance self-testing.
  • Health timer: Automatic security system to prevent selling out-of-date products.
  • Programmable expiration date by selection number or channel.
  • Flexible setup and programming. Its channel adjustment system allows incorporating new products at any time without using tools.
  • Soft delivery elevator.

Tailored Product Offerings

We have the ability to tailor the product offerings to the specific needs of each location, and non-food items are absolutely possible.

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