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Jofemar V4 Combo

Machine Information

HUMAN franchise branding. Refrigerated; allows for both snacks & drinks within same compartment. Accepts bills, coins, credit cards (swipe & chip), and Apple Pay



  • Smart machine with modem, allowing real-time inventory monitoring
  • Accepts bills, coins, credit cards (swipe & chip), and Apple Pay
  • Soft Elevator Delivery System. Waist high dispensing area
  • ADA Compliant
  • FIFO (First In First Out) System. Continues renewal with the freshest product. Product dispensing according to loading order.
  • Programmable health and safety controls, as well as expiration date per selection
  • Continuous self testing & diagnosis Failure incident report
  • Sturdy all steel constructed cabinet with corrosion resistant & rust proofing treatment
  • Injected foam cabinet, assures the best refrigeration using low power consumption by the cooling unit

Tailored Product Offerings

We have the ability to tailor the product offerings to the specific needs of each location, and non-food items are absolutely possible.

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